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...where the men are steadfast & the women are adventurous

Fall in Love with a NEW Old West

Jacqui Nelson


♠  “Spellbinding stories that whisper to your soul.” 
    - Linda Broday, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author 


Gambling Hearts, book 2

♠ Open the book and get swept away!

- Little Piggy's, Amazon Review

♠ Move over Annie Oakley, here comes Eldorado Jane! She’s smart, spunky and loves being the star of the Wild West. 

- Marjorie, Amazon Review

♠ All I have to say is WOW! The second book in the Gambling Hearts series is as good if not better than the first! A western romance, thrill ride, filled with twists and turns in every chapter.

- A.P. Reader, Amazon Review

♠ Another hit from Ms. Nelson! There's humor and deep emotion. Challenges to tackle, lies to uncover, truths to face and fears to conquer.

- Tina, Amazon Review

♠ I loved her first story [in the Gambling Hearts series], but her second is even more fun to read! This author really kept my attention until the end! I just loved her heroine Eldorado Jane!

- Nicole, Amazon Review

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Gambling Hearts, book 1

♠ An emotionally compelling, and deviously twisted storyline of lust, greed, and murder that held me in its grasp and wouldn't let me go until the oh-so-satisfying conclusion.

- Diane B, Amazon Review

♠ I couldn't read it fast enough and I didn't want it to end either
- Bob, Amazon Review

♠ The chemistry in this book sizzles from the very first pages.

– Heather, Amazon Review

♠ [Sadie Sullivan is] the epitome of the perfect heroine. Strong, resilient, capable, and beautiful.

– Jacquie B, Amazon Review

♠ A story spun with a complex web of emotion and conflict, love and lies.

– Jo-Ann C, Amazon Review

♠ Ms. Nelson also slips in some great western lawmen's names...and keeps the reader enticed.

– Annette, Amazon Review

♠ Beautifully complex characters you can't help but root for. It'll have you dreaming of catching your own cowboy, dust and all.
- N. Love, Amazon Review

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Lonesome Hearts, book 1

♠ "A perfect, steady-paced book with poetic descriptions of romance and easy-to-follow fluidity of Callahan and Hannah's journeys. Those who love romance and hot sensual scenes, along with the Western historical fiction, will find themselves enamored with this novel."
- Chanticleer Book Reviews 

♠ A fire-cracker of a love story with the perfect blend of fascinating characters, intense emotion, historical drama and fast-paced action.
- Scarlett Penn, Amazon Review

♠ A must read! Be prepared to take an adventure into the wild west and to fall in love with some very remarkable characters.
- Heather, Amazon Review

♠ Beautiful writing and flawed characters it was easy to care about. A thoroughly engaging story I enjoyed tremendously.
- Lark, Amazon Review

♠ From the beginning, I was hooked by the author's unique voice and writing style. 
- Stephany, Amazon Review

♠ "An exciting journey filled with perilous adventure, this is an original interesting tale with a woven plot line that comes full circle." 

- InD'tale Magazine

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A standalone novella & part of the PASSIONS PRIZE anthology

♠ Nelson easily lures readers along on a romantic, suspenseful ride in the post-Civil War American frontier. It’s a story with high stakes, a realistic setting, and larger-than-life characters.
- Vanessa Kelly, USA Today Bestselling Author (on B&N's Love Rocks column)

♠ Sexy Celtic hero in the wild west - can't get much better than that.

- Dee, Amazon Review 

♠ Pulled me into the American West faster than a shot of whiskey could be downed on a hot day... Adella is feisty, funny, and truly kick-ass.  

- Gael, Amazon Review

♠ A great tale with subterfuge, saboteurs and sweet romance.

- N. Love, Amazon Review

♠ The heroine is the girl I'd want to be & the hero is the one I'd want to be with! 
- Rain City Girl, Amazon Review 

♠ If you like Hell on Wheels, you’ll love Adella’s Enemy. It has enough to tempt and interest all readers with great characters and attention to historical detail to make you feel as if you’re there during the building of the railroad...a story of revenge, forgiveness, mistakes made and lessons learned.

- Must Love Books, Amazon Review

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