• $40 for eBook (you receive a MOBI file for Amazon Kindle & ePUB file for other e-readers, includes adding of your eBook's sale page link)

  • $60 for Print book (you receive a PDF print book file with typeset margins, headers, page numbers, line spacing, etc.)

  • $90 for eBook and Print book (you receive the 3 files listed above)

  • Adding more than 2 pictures (more than your eBook cover and author photo) may be an extra fee. Please email me for exact costs. 


  • Discussion and collaboration. If you need more information on anything, please let me know and we can discuss options. One process doesn’t fit everyone.

  • Turnaround time of 1 to 4 days depending on other commitments. Faster service can be negotiated and may or may not include an extra fee depending on work commitments. Email me and we can discuss.

  • My book formatting does NOT include uploading books to platforms such as KDP, Nook, Kobo, D2D. Why do I mention this? It’s a service sometimes offered by book formatters for an additional price, but it’s not one I’m currently equipped to offer.

  • Updating MOBI, ePUB &/or PDF files I have created for you. For every hour of work, the cost will be $20 (or $10 if rounding down to the nearest 1/2 hour). Or email me a detailed list of updates and I can provide a fixed fee quote. Examples of updates? You (or your readers) find errors in your manuscript that you then want to be updated in your eBook and/or Print book files. You receive reviews and want them added to your book's front and/or back matter. You write new books and want to include them in your previous book's back matter. 

  • Updating MOBI, ePUB &/or PDF files I have NOT created for you. Please email me a list of your updates and (if your project is an eBook format) let me know if you can supply me with a Word document or another text file like RTF -- so we can discuss your project. 

WHAT YOU PROVIDE  ** When forwarding me your book formatting project, please read the entire section that follows ** 

  • For eBooks, please provide your book cover as a JPEG (or PNG or TIFF file) of industry-standard resolution and dimensions. If you're unsure whether your cover meets online vendors’ such as Amazon’s resolution and dimension requirements, please contact your designer.

  • For print books, please provide your print size & font type. Currently, my formatting software includes the following print sizes (in inches):  5 x 8, 5 1/4 x 8, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 6 x 9 and the following font types: Athelas, Baskerville, Palatino, Times New Roman, Cochin, Crimson Text, Hoefler Text, Iowan Old Style. My print file creation does not require a print book cover, but after I create your print file, you will have a page count that you (or your cover designer) can use to calculate your print cover’s spine. Note: tweaking a print book’s interior to match a certain page count (for an already created print book cover's spine) may take additional work and require an additional fee (this, as always, can be discussed in advance).

  • Your complete book file (including front and back matter in the order you wish it to display in your book) in a single Word document (preferably .docx format but .doc is acceptable as well). Piecing together a book from multiple documents takes time and may result in an additional fee. If you are unable to provide all content in a single Word document, please contact me and we can discuss options upfront to streamline the process and avoid additional fees.

COMPLETE BOOK FILE  ** Your eBook's Table of Contents will be made from the chapter headings in your manuscript and the bullet points listed below. The bullet points below may be titled whatever you want. Please include the EXACT TEXT you want to see in your book **

Front Matter

  • Title Page 

  • Bonus Content (optional)

  • Dedication (optional; may go in front or back matter; or may go in an eBook’s back matter and a Print book’s front matter - author’s choice)

  • Copyright (may go in front or back matter; or may go in an eBook’s back matter and a Print book’s front matter - author’s choice; please include your ISBNs on your copyright page - for more on ISBNs go to ISBN Canada or the U.S. ISBN Agency)

  • Foreword, Preface, or Introduction (optional)

Manuscript (with chapter headings & scene breaks consistently marked with special characters such as *** , ### , etc. Please do not have your scene breaks as blank lines because this - more often than not - leads to confusion whether the blank line is a scene break or was added by mistake)
Back Matter

  • Afterword (optional and can be titled anything you want; this can be where you thank your readers & ask them for reviews, encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, etc)

  • Acknowledgments (optional)

  • Author Notes (optional)

  • Also by the Author (optional; if you have additional books, include each book's link to sale sites like Amazon, etc)

  • About the Author (optional; if you have them, include your author photo & links for your website, social media accounts, etc)

  • Other (optional, but please see the note below on complicated elements)

If your book is longer than 90,000 words (front & back matter included) or has more complicated elements such as pictures (other than your eBook cover and author photo) or a large number of chapters, scene breaks, links, lists, special indenting, etc -
 then the formatting process may take longer and require an additional fee. Any additional fees will be discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to starting your formatting project. 

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